Planning Out Your High School Reunion


While in high school, you may never think that you will one day lose contact with your beloved high school best friends however as you grow up and get in to adult life and the rat race, you are likely to not meet these friends for years and sometimes for decades on end. It is a sad fact of life that once you grow up and enter the working world, it completely takes over your life and you rarely ever have the opportunity to spend time on yourself. In addition to this, you will also one day be faced with mother hood which is a full time job of its own and will take up most of your free time as well. As joyous as motherhood is and as necessary as being a working woman is, it can sometimes take its toll on you as a woman and it can be quite stressful.

Take a trip away from home

Most high school reunions consist of a night out or a dinner however, it is quite difficult to concentrate on a dinner while you are close to home and therefore close by to your family. Instead consider taking a trip away from home. A four to five day trip with your best friends that will mean you have a completely break without having to worry too much. All you need to do is to look at a maxi taxi hire that can accommodate your entire group and hire a bungalow or a small motel where you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere and the quiet time away from your busy life and from motherhood.

There are some holiday organisers who will be able to offer you an entire group trip package including the maxi taxi hire Perth and accommodation for a reasonable rate if you hire the trip through the company. This will save you the trouble of having to plan out the entire trip and hundreds of phone calls.

It is important that you take the opportunity once in a while, at least every year or two to plan out a high school reunion with your entire class or at least your best friends from school where you can have an opportunity to take a break from adult life, motherhood, full time work and your spouse to relive the memories of your precious childhood and rebuild your amazing friendships from high school. Of course, you will need to make sure that you organize back up at home as your spouse will not be able to handle the entire load of the work alone.


Vacation Planning Guide


Sometimes life can be pretty hard thanks to you and your spouses, nine to five jobs and the academics and extra-curricular’s of your kids as this busy lifestyle that every individual in your family leads causes for a lack of time spent together as a family which is why summer break is the perfect opportunity to have some fun as a family, away from the hustle and bustle of your regular lives.

Take the opportunity that summer break offers to spend some quality time with your family and the best way to do this by getting away from the routine of your everyday lives so a quick tips would be to take a trip to another state or country and spend some quality family time in one of those cozy Albany accommodation cottages in a city far away from home.

Going for vacation is the easiest part but the planning and organizing it can be pretty stressful so we have compiled a list of things that you need to complete in order to complete planning your amazing vacation.

Figure out your destination

Your destination can be anywhere from grandma’s house to a week spent in one of those cozy little accommodation cottages surrounded by the wilderness and water bodies so I would suggest for you to pick out a place in advance, before planning anything else because everything else must be planned around where you want to go for your vacation.

If you have toddlers or adolescent kids, you may want to pick a vacation that is more busy than what is described above as they are always looking to have fun and run around. For an example, a trip to a theme park or Disney world will definitely have your kids in awe but if you have older children, they will probably like the idea of a camping or fishing trip but don’t be discouraged, if your teenage kids do not seem so enthusiastic because as soon as they see what you have in store for them, their mobile phones and ipods will take the backseat throughout the vacation.

Book the services you will need

if you’re planning on taking your kids to another country, get your tickets booked and everything from visa to plane seats sorted out beforehand but if you’re driving to another state, send your car in for a checkup at the body shop and have it serviced and in top notch for your fun little road trip.

Do not forget to book your hotel rooms and car services and such if you will be needing them but if you’re going to grandma’s place for summer break, be sure to inform them at least a week before hand so that they will be prepared for guests.

Tourist Attractions You Can Visit In Victoria Australia

Victoria, Australia is full of attraction. From natural beauties to man-made wonders, you will get enough scopes to spend your days in utmost pleasure and leisure.

You can book a boutique accommodation and enjoy your stay in a luxurious way. If you want to visit the village life, you can also find accommodating options in the rural areas of the place.

A boutique accommodation will help you to enjoy a serenity and relaxing day. Make your time special being close to your partner.

Here is also a list of some beautiful and adventurous attractions of Victoria, Australia that you can visit with your family:

Tree surfing is a sport for whom love adventure sports. There is no risk of shark bite or stuck in sand. Just go to the Mornington Peninsula and surf the trees. You have to swing along the trees. There are 50 different kinds of hurdle you have to cross. This can be an examination of your adrenaline rush.

There are beautiful coastal lines along the beaches of Victoria. The beaches are naturally deserted. You can have a fun with your family and friends there. There are also cliffs and rocks into the bays and if you have courage then try a boat ride. You can also find gorgeous spring wildflowers. This is what bay of Islands.

Tower hill is near the bay of islands. The funnel shaped volcanic eruption was created more than 30,000 years ago. This becomes a lake later. It is an island and it has become a national wildlife park now where more than 200 kangaroos are living. It is just at the further side of the 12 apostles. This is a beautiful example of ecosystem. You can also find various types of animals here – such as emus, water birds, koalas etc.

If the transport system of Victoria is not enough interesting for you, then you can try tram ride. If you have leisure to visit the city and discover it, then tram ride is the best for you. You can also taste some local foods there.

The smallest gallery called Mailbox 141 is situated in Flinders street. Exhibitions take place there and changes frequently. If you go there only once and think that it is the end, you are not right. Glass fronted former letterboxes are organized there in a row.

Pine Mountain is also a great attraction there in Victoria. It is in the Murray region. This place is full of huge monolith rock. The mountain area is remote though it is an attraction to tourists. If you like beaches then go to the Squeaky beach. The grains of sands are round and they make squeaky sounds. This is very interesting sound to the tourists. If you want hot spring bathe then go the Peninsula hot spring. It will make you feel like thermal spa.