Tourist Attractions You Can Visit In Victoria Australia

Victoria, Australia is full of attraction. From natural beauties to man-made wonders, you will get enough scopes to spend your days in utmost pleasure and leisure.

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Here is also a list of some beautiful and adventurous attractions of Victoria, Australia that you can visit with your family:

Tree surfing is a sport for whom love adventure sports. There is no risk of shark bite or stuck in sand. Just go to the Mornington Peninsula and surf the trees. You have to swing along the trees. There are 50 different kinds of hurdle you have to cross. This can be an examination of your adrenaline rush.

There are beautiful coastal lines along the beaches of Victoria. The beaches are naturally deserted. You can have a fun with your family and friends there. There are also cliffs and rocks into the bays and if you have courage then try a boat ride. You can also find gorgeous spring wildflowers. This is what bay of Islands.

Tower hill is near the bay of islands. The funnel shaped volcanic eruption was created more than 30,000 years ago. This becomes a lake later. It is an island and it has become a national wildlife park now where more than 200 kangaroos are living. It is just at the further side of the 12 apostles. This is a beautiful example of ecosystem. You can also find various types of animals here – such as emus, water birds, koalas etc.

If the transport system of Victoria is not enough interesting for you, then you can try tram ride. If you have leisure to visit the city and discover it, then tram ride is the best for you. You can also taste some local foods there.

The smallest gallery called Mailbox 141 is situated in Flinders street. Exhibitions take place there and changes frequently. If you go there only once and think that it is the end, you are not right. Glass fronted former letterboxes are organized there in a row.

Pine Mountain is also a great attraction there in Victoria. It is in the Murray region. This place is full of huge monolith rock. The mountain area is remote though it is an attraction to tourists. If you like beaches then go to the Squeaky beach. The grains of sands are round and they make squeaky sounds. This is very interesting sound to the tourists. If you want hot spring bathe then go the Peninsula hot spring. It will make you feel like thermal spa.